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Sewer & Wastewater Rehabilitation

MIROCAP MC 910 Primer A user friendly, two pack primer. It has excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance and is ideal for sealing and preparing both concrete and steel surfaces for coating.

MIROCAP MC 920 Repair & Relining Coating A high quality, sprayable vinyl ester liner and repair system designed for relining and rehabilitation of steel and concrete assets where chemical and/or corrosion resistance are required. The system can be applied rapidly with successive layers to restore assets to reduce maintenance down time.

MIROCAP MC 970 High Build Structural Coating A user friendly, two pack sprayable epoxy vinyl ester structural coating. MIROCAP 970 High Build Structural Coating can be built up as required to ensure steel reinforcement and deliver structural performance. It is intended for use in areas where excellent corrosion and chemical resistance is required. The coating is extremely durable, fast curing and is an ideal solution for concrete asset lining.

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