Wagga Wagga Courthouse

The originally built 1903 Wagga Wagga Courthouse is an architectural landmark. Architects, Tanner Kibble Denton were faced with the task of respecting the texturally rich building which comprised of brick and metal, while adding new facilities to the court house.

The architects designed vertical panel cladding to complement the style of the original building, while also providing a modern day court house. The GDK Group was an ideal choice to coat the panels as they are a multi-disciplined manufacturer of a. coustic panelling, timber wall and ceiling panels and customised design finishes.

Using Mirotone’s MIROBILD AC 3606 Clear Topcoat in a satin finish, GDK was able to create a finish that not only compliments the character of the new courthouse, but pays homage to the original federation building.

Photography supplied: The GDK Group

Applicator: The GDK Group

Architect: Tanner Kibble Denton Architects

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