University of QLD

The University of Queensland’s Advanced Engineering Building of St Lucia, is a new facility built to provide 3,600 engineering students with innovative learning laboratories and lecture halls.

The construction commenced in 2009 and was completed in 2013. Mirotone technical staff were instrumental in providing Hassell Architects with the right coating product selection to meet their specification of complying with the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating with the aim of achieving a 6 star Green Star rating.

Precision Engineering, the project managers for the job, required refinement of the specification and a number of samples to be prepared before a final specification was determined. MIROTEC WB 8060 Clear Water Based Topcoat with its low VOC rating and low yellowing properties was specified as the ideal product to coat the beautiful New Guinea Rosewood panelling.

Mirotone were also able to assist Precision Engineering with the selection of a contract coater to perform the work in time and within their budget, the contract went to Warren Beatty. Warren Beatty’s contract was to coat all the ceiling panels, window and door frames and wall panelling.

There was also a lot of onsite work performed by Higgins Contract Painting with a lot of favourable comments from their painters concerning the viscosity, build, dry time and consistent sheen of MIROTEC WB 8060 Clear Water Based Topcoat.

With the project now completed students and faculty marvel at this new innovative building nestled next to a lake constructed in the studio style with its New Guinea Rosewood interior coated in Mirotone’s MIROTEC WB 8060 Clear Water Based Topcoat.

Applicator: Warren Beatty & Higgins Contract Painting

Architect: Hassell

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