Sydney Lyric Theatre

Sydney Lyric plays host large scale musicals, theatre productions, concerts, opera’s and ballets. Formerly known as the Lyric Theatre, the venue changed to its current name in late 2011. After lengthy renovations to improve the sight-lines, ceiling and adding moveable walls within the theatre, the Sydney Lyric was able to open its doors to allow theatre enthusiasts a more intimate and comfortable experience.

The new Sydney Lyric allows the theatre to shape shift walls according to ticket sales, while creating a full house performance.

The GDK Group used Mirotone’s MIROBILD AC 3606 Clear Topcoat in a satin finish, and MIROSTAIN 2616 to coat the wall panelling’s within the theatre. The end result  provides a comfortable, warm atmosphere  for all to enjoy.

Photography supplied: The GDK Group

Applicator: The GDK Group

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