Supreme Court Wellington

The Supreme Court building in Wellington was completed in 2011. Mirotone worked with the main contractor involved in the project, Ferndale Furniture Ltd, who manufactured and coated various furniture and fittings for the interior of the courthouse. Cooper Furniture and Joinery were also involved in the project producing some of the fittings for the project.

The Architects specified a MIROTEC WB water based coating system to coat the Victorian Ash timber which is used for the majority of the furniture and fittings. MIROTEC WB 8022 Sealer and MIROTEC WB 8060 Topcoat both have very low VOC content which made them ideal for this project – the building was required to have a Sustainability Certificate i.e. a Green Star Rating. Using this MIROTEC WB water based coating system Ferndale was able to show certification that the product met the requirements.

There are approximately 4 km’s of Victorian Ash Timber shelving used in the Supreme Court Library, all finished in MIROTEC WB water based coatings. This magnificent building with its geodetic design construction is highlighted by MIROTEC WB coatings that are still in excellent condition today and will do in years to come.

Applicator: Ferndale Furniture & Cooper Furniture & Joinery

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