Meat Wine & Co

Located throughout Australia’s trendiest suburbs, Meat & Wine Co is an intimate and sophisticated restaurant, where contemporary interior design is paired with subtle African influences, resulting in an enticingly unique restaurant experience for the many visitors who pass through their doors every year.

Mirotone’s MIROTEC Water based 8022 Clear Sealer, and MIROTEC Water Based 8052 Clear Polyurethane Water Based Topcoat in a satin finish was used throughout this restaurant revamp.

Mirotone’s MIROTEC Water based range of coatings were chosen for their low VOC content, low odour, are formaldehyde and isocyanate free making the application of the coating safer for the workers and the environment.  MIROTEC WB 8022 also complies with the Green Building Council of Australia. MIROTEC WB 8052 is extremely tough and has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance making it highly suitable for this busy restaurants bar and tabletop environment.

The contemporary screen divider, consisting of earthy African colours were matched with Mirotone’s MIROSTAN 2101 Water Based Dye Stains. Excellent light stability in this dye stain results in consistent and fade resistant colours without masking the timbers grain.

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