Eclipse Luxury Yacht


The luxury vessel Eclipse, which spends a lot of time cruising around the islands, was first coated in MIROTHANE PU polyurethane coatings back in 2005. Unfortunately in late 2009 Eclipse was struck by lightning in the Hawaiian Islands and the damage was extensive. The vessel was taken back to Auckland’s Viaduct for repairs. Most of the damage was confined to inside the top of the vessel, but whilst it was being repaired the decision was made to refit the entire interior. MIROTHANE PU 5555 Clear Polyurethane and MIROTHANE PU 5650 Pigmented Polyurethane coatings were used throughout. Mirotone’s MIROTHANE PU polyurethane range is extremely hard wearing and used extensively in commercial situations such as reception desks, work surfaces, café tables, wall panelling, kitchens, bathroom units, commercial storage units and the marine industry.

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