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Specialty Coatings

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  • MIROLOK 3508 Glass Clean/Prime

    Code: 3508
    Easy to use, fast drying primer used to both clean glass and provide excellent adhesion to glass for MIROTHANE PU metallic, pearlescent or solid coloured topcoats.
  • MIROLOK 3512 Clear Plastic Primer

    Code: 3512
    Very fast drying, clear primer that provides excellent adhesion to plastic, acrylic, vinyl and LPM.
  • MIROSHIELD 3900 UV Absorber Additive

    Code: 3900
    UV Absorber Additive for solvent based clear coatings. Contains a sophisticated package of UV absorbers and light stabilisers that have proven highly effective in protecting reconstituted, dyed and natural wood veneers from colour change.

    Code: 3520
    Temporary coating designed to provide a removable protective film to the inside of galvanised steel spray booths. This film can be easily removed to reduce unwanted overspray build up reducing the risk of dust contamination and the risk of fire.
  • Chassis Black

    Code: 3590
    Bituminous black coating designed for truck and body builders for chassis, tray stays and bumper irons. This pliable coating is designed to provide a protective film in one application to bare metal.
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