MIROTHANE PU Polyurethane Coatings

Mirotone’s range of clear and pigmented two pack polyurethane coatings are ideal for use on high quality fixtures and furniture. Easy to use and available in a range of gloss levels, Mirotone has the right system to meet your requirements. Typical applications include internal doors, kitchen cabinets, commercial joinery / wall panelling, domesticand commercial furniture. Premium systems available for bar & kitchen bench tops and marine fit outs.

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  • MIROTHANE PU 5500 Isolator

    Code: 5500
    Versatile clear isolator that minimises the risk of resin exudation and tannin bleed on timber and minimises the risk of edge cracking on MDF.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5533 Clear Sealer

    Code: 5533
    User friendly, two pack, clear, polyurethane sealer that provides an excellent sanding base for clear polyurethane topcoats.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5545 Clear Sealer

    Code: 5545
    Premium, two pack, clear, polyurethane sealer that provides an excellent sanding base for clear polyurethane topcoats.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5588 Clear Topcoat

    Code: 5588
    User friendly, easy to apply, clear polyurethane topcoat. Excellent flow and quick drying ensures an excellent finish and increased throughput.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5555 Clear Topcoat

    Code: 5555
    Premium, two pack, clear polyurethane. High clarity results in striking grain definition and enhances the natural beauty of stained timber.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5578 Clear Natural Topcoat

    Code: 5578
    High performance, fast drying, clear, two pack, non-yellowing, acrylic polyurethane for interior wood and wood composites. It has a natural matt finish and has outstanding durability, flexibility and colour stability.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5577 Sun Shield Clear Topcoat

    Code: 5577
    High performance, clear, two pack, non yellowing, acrylic polyurethane for interior wood & wood composites. MIROTHANE PU 5577 Sun-Shield contains a sophisticated package of UV absorbers and light stabilisers that have been proven highly effective in protecting reconstituted, dyed and natural wood veneers from colour change when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5600 White Undercoat

    Code: 5600
    Universal, rapid dry pigmented undercoat that is easy to sand. Compatibility with MIROTHANE PU 5650 topcoat enables users to add excess topcoat into MIROTHANE PU 5600 to produce a tinted undercoat.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5626 White Undercoat

    Code: 5626
    Premium grade, high solids, low viscosity two pack polyurethane undercoat. Very easy to sand and provides excellent DOI (Distinction of Image) when topcoated with a MIROTHANE PU topcoat gloss.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5631 White Undercoat

    Code: 5631
    Premium, high build, two pack polyurethane undercoat.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5640 2K Metallic / Pearlecent Tint Base

    Code: 5640
    A fast drying, two pack polyurethane metallic / pearlescent tint base.
  • MIROTHANE PU 5605 Pigmented Topcoat

    Code: 5605
    Premium, two pack, polyurethane topcoat. It is a high build, hard wearing topcoat with excellent flow and drying characteristics. Available in a superb full gloss.
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