Acid Catalysed Coatings

Acid Catalysed Coatings

MIROBILD AC Acid Catalysed Lacquers

Mirotone’s range of acid catalysed lacquers in clear and pigmented systems are fast drying and available in a range of gloss levels for application to interior wood. MIROBILD AC acid catalaysed coatings are ideal for use on domestic and commercial furniture, wall panelling, built-in wardrobes and caskets.

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  • MIROBILD AC 3622 Clear Sealer

    Code: 3622
    High build, fast drying, easy sanding, clear acid catalysed sealer. Specifically formulated to provide sound adhesion to DAP and vinyl coated board (commonly used in the casket industry).
  • MIROBILD AC 3606 Clear Topcoat

    Code: 3606
    Low odour, low formaldehyde, isocyanate free clear acid catalysed topcoat with a long pot life, suitable for interior wood.
  • MIROBILD AC 3720 White Undercoat

    Code: 3720
    A high build, free sanding undercoat for use on wood, medium density fibreboard (MDF) or particleboard. Ease of sanding makes for faster throughput in a production situation.
  • MIROBILD AC 3770 Pigmented Topcoat

    Code: 3770
    A high solids, fast drying, pigmented, two-pack acid catalysed coating. Aromatic free and low formaldehyde. It provides superior physical properties and chemical resistance when compared to single pack lacquer coatings.
  • MIROBILD AC 3800 Standard Catalyst

    Code: 3800
    Standard catalyst for use with MIROBILD AC Acid Catalysed coatings.
  • MIROBILD AC 3810 Quick Dry Catalyst

    Code: 3810
    Quick dry catalyst for use with MIROBILD AC Acid Catalysed coatings.
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