Timber Coatings

Timber Coatings

Mirotone has an extensive range of coatings for timber and wood related substrates such as mdf. From lacquers to high performance polyurethane and UV Cured coatings, Mirotone has the right coating system to suit your requirements.

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  • MIROCAT PC 3244 Clear Sealer

    Code: 3244
    High build, single pack, clear pre-catalysed sanding sealer that provides an excellent base for a range of Mirotone topcoats.
  • MIROCAT PC 3241 Clear Sealer

    Code: 3241
    An economical, fast drying, easy to sand clear sealer. Can be applied over dark timbers or stains enhancing the natural colours without clouding the finished appearance.
  • MIROLOK 3508 Glass Clean/Prime

    Code: 3508
    Easy to use, fast drying primer used to both clean glass and provide excellent adhesion to glass for MIROTHANE PU metallic, pearlescent or solid coloured topcoats.
  • MIROBILD AC 3606 Clear Topcoat

    Code: 3606
    Low odour, low formaldehyde, isocyanate free clear acid catalysed topcoat with a long pot life, suitable for interior wood.
  • MIROBILD AC 3622 Clear Sealer

    Code: 3622
    High build, fast drying, easy sanding, clear acid catalysed sealer. Specifically formulated to provide sound adhesion to DAP and vinyl coated board (commonly used in the casket industry).
  • MIROBILD AC 3720 White Undercoat

    Code: 3720
    A high build, free sanding undercoat for use on wood, medium density fibreboard (MDF) or particleboard. Ease of sanding makes for faster throughput in a production situation.
  • MIROBILD AC 3770 Pigmented Topcoat

    Code: 3770
    A high solids, fast drying, pigmented, two-pack acid catalysed coating. Aromatic free and low formaldehyde. It provides superior physical properties and chemical resistance when compared to single pack lacquer coatings.
  • MIROBILD AC 3800 Standard Catalyst

    Code: 3800
    Standard catalyst for use with MIROBILD AC Acid Catalysed coatings.
  • MIROBILD AC 3810 Quick Dry Catalyst

    Code: 3810
    Quick dry catalyst for use with MIROBILD AC Acid Catalysed coatings.
  • MIROSHIELD 3900 UV Absorber Additive

    Code: 3900
    UV Absorber Additive for solvent based clear coatings. Contains a sophisticated package of UV absorbers and light stabilisers that have proven highly effective in protecting reconstituted, dyed and natural wood veneers from colour change.
  • MIROPOL PE 5111 White Undercoat

    Code: 5111
    MIROPOL PE 5111 is a premium, high build, white polyester undercoat for MDF and particleboard. When top coated with one of Mirotone’s full gloss polyurethane topcoats, it provides the ideal base to achieve the “wet look” European finish.
  • MIROPOL PE 5120 White Undercoat

    Code: 5120
    High build, white polyester undercoat for MDF and timber. Easy to sand and is designed to be top coated with MIROTHANE PU polyurethane topcoats.
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