Antimicrobial Coatings

Antimicrobial Coatings

Mirotone Antimicrobial Coatings powered by Biomaster™ 

Durable product protection against harmful bacteria, fungi and mould.

Bacteria are a fact of life and can be found all around us. Although most bacteria are harmless, some can cause illness and spoilage. Biomaster™ antimicrobial technology is effective against a wide range of organisms including Campylobacter, MRSA and E.coli. BioMaster works by inhibiting microbial growth on the surface, offering product protection and complimenting existing hygiene protocols.

Biomaster™ uses silver-ion technology, a natural antimicrobial, that is completely safe for use even for articles with food contact.

Antimicrobial protected surfaces are ideal in environments such as hospitals, care homes, schools, gyms and offices where large numbers of people gather together.

How does BioMaster Protection work

When bacteria come into contact with a BioMaster protected surface, the silver ions prevent bacteria from growing, producing energy or replicating, therefore they die.

BioMaster Protection is incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active. When added, it is dispersed throughout the entire item and becomes an integral part of the product.

It is impossible to keep every surface clean all the time, but BioMaster interrupts and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria around the clock. The active ingredients in BioMaster cannot leach or wash out and are designed to last for the lifetime of the product.

Whilst disinfectants can be instantly effective in removing bacteria, after a few hours the effect wears off and contamination can occur again.  BioMaster helps to reduce bacteria growing between cleans and reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow. 


Mirotone Antimicrobial Products powered by Biomaster™

BioMaster Antimicrobial Protection is available in the following Mirotone products.

MIROTHANE PU Clear Polyurethane Coatings (all gloss levels)

  • MIROTHANE PU 5555 Clear Topcoat

  • MIROTHANE PU 5578 Clear Topcoat

  • MIROTHANE PU 5577 Sun-Shield Topcoat


MIROTHANE PU Pigmented Polyurethane Coatings (all gloss levels & colours)

  • MIROTHANE PU 5673 Pigmented Topcoat (Australia Only)

  • MIROTHANE PU 5608 Pigmented Topcoat (New Zealand Only)

  • MIROTHANE PU 5650 Pigmented Topcoat


All products have been independently tested to ISO22196. Determinate of Antimicrobial Activity.

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